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Ceramic Grillworks
Ceramic Grills, Wood Fired Ovens and Grilling Supplies.

Welcome to Ceramic Grillworks, Inc. We are dedicated to informing the consumer on this easy and forgiving method of grilling/cooking and offer only the best products and services related to ceramic grilling such as, Grill Dome, Big Green Egg, Forno Bravo Brick Ovens, John Henry’s Food Products, Dizzy Pig Rubs, products from The BBQ Gurus and our own patented 2 Tier Adjustable Swing Rack System. Check out our latest recipes in our forum section.


Our goal at Ceramic Grillworks, Inc. is to educate the consumer and grow this ultimate grilling method. We are aiming to build a network of friends to share in this growing cooking community by hosting cooking events to showcase the products we support. We are here every step of the way, from lighting your grill to providing cooking tips.


The sales staff at Ceramic Grillworks, Inc. is here to help you along in deciding which grill and accessory is right for you. Our customer service will handle any issue you may have and help resolve that issue in a timely manner. Should you have a need we are a phone call away.


Our grills have the best warranty in the business and will perform all of your outdoor cooking needs – smoke, bake, grill, sear and slow cook. This will be the last grill you will ever need to buy. With more outdoor kitchens being installed, let Ceramic Grillworks, Inc. provide the final touch to your outdoor investment with a lifetime warranted Ceramic Grill. Please give us a call before you make your next Grill purchase, you owe it to yourself to be well-informed.

Ceramic Grillworks, inc. Get Fired up for outdoor cooking!

Ceramic Grillworks, Inc.
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Pittsburgh, PA 15146
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