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Super Peel Pizza Peel in Maple
Super Peel is a new and superior dough moving tool for the home baker. Although new, it is really just the marriage of two, centuries old, and traditional baker’s tools: a Baker’s Peel (that large spatula often referred as a pizza paddle) and a Pastry Cloth. The Peel provides a large dough carrying surface; and dough does not stick to the lightly floured Pastry Cloth. Wrapping the cloth around the Peel creates a small hand-held conveyor belt, which has amazing dough pick-up and handling properties.

Super Peel is very easy to use, and sized for many baking tasks. It can pick up almost any dough, even if partially stuck to your preparation surface, transport it, and then put it down again, gently and precisely, exactly where you want it, all without sticking, distortion of shape, ripping, deflation or other common problems. Super Peel can handle almost any dough moving challenge.

Miles of conveyors are used in the baking industry to carefully and efficiently transport both pre- and post-baked product throughout food processing plants without damage. Artisan bread bakers load their ovens with conveyor loaders. The Super Peel brings this professional dough handling care, precision, and ease to the home kitchen.

The Problem

As almost any baker will attest, one of their most routine and challenging baking tasks is transferring a masterpiece of raw, sticky, crumbly, or otherwise delicate dough from one place to another. Whether moving a simple pizza or a sticky freeform ciabatta loaf to your hot grill/oven stone, or a delicate sheet of rolled pastry dough to a pie plate, the task can be trying at best, and is often a flirtation with disaster!

In their attempt to solve this problem, most home bakers traditionally use lots of extra flour when rolling out and transferring their dough to keep it from sticking, and to help it slide around. Unfortunately, this solution often creates other problems. The more flour incorporated into the dough, the more its consistency is altered. The result is often a poor quality finished product. And, even with all that extra messy flour, the task is still often imprecise and unpredictable.

Pizza and bread bakers use lots of cornmeal under the dough, which acts like little “ball bearings” to help slide breads and pizzas onto a hot oven stone. Pizzas can still stick, or land in the wrong place. Breads can still deflate, and all that cornmeal can burn and smoke. All of this can create an nasty and unnecessary mess in your oven.

The Solution

Super Peel is the simplest and surest way to pick up, transfer or reposition all your dough with ultimate ease and precision, with nothing ever sticking or ending up misshapen, torn, cracked, flopped, or dropped. Not Ever!

Super Peel can move:

• Thin or Heavily Laden Pizza to Pizza Stone or Grill

• Delicate Pastry, Even a Fancy Lattice Top, to Pie Plate

• Large or Intricate Cut-Out Cookies to Cookie Sheet

• Sensitive Risen Bread Loaf to Grill/Oven Stone

• Thinly Sliced Cake Layers Stacked Atop Each Other

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a new baker or experienced pro; we know that you will find Super Peel helpful. Even if you have been using other methods for years, once you try it we know you will keep using it. So, if your baking involves moving dough around your kitchen and into your oven, as in any of the above and others, the Super Peel will help you do it with:

• More Confidence and Precision

• Less Physical Effort and Emotional Stress

• Less Flour or Cornmeal Mess

• And Most Importantly, Better End Results !

How does it work?

The unique friction free function of the Super Peel lies in its novel yet simple design, a recombination of two of the oldest and most traditional of baker’s tools – A Baker’s Peel and a Pastry Cloth.

The result is new transport tool for the home baker, which offers the same functionality (ease of use, delicate touch and precision) that conveyor belts and conveyor type oven loaders have long provided to commercial bakeries and artisan bread bakers. The two key elements are:

A Non-Stick Work Surface

With a light dusting of flour, your dough will not stick to the fabric belt. Thus, the Super Peel provides a stick-free working/rolling surface for your dough.

Pick Up –Put Down Function

As you slide the Super Peel forward, the automatic rotation of the belt feeds a fresh, non-stick, floured cloth surface under whatever you are lifting. (Devices, operating in a similar manner, are used in the medical field to carefully lift and transport physically unstable or sensitive patients.)

The resulting conveyor belt action allows the Super Peel to slide under most anything with essentially no friction, thus with very little disturbance. Yet once up on top of Super Peel, the friction of the cloth keeps things from sliding around, except to where you want them

Product Details

100% made in the USA and Canada


• Solid Hardwood Peel.

• 14″ X 24″ X ~½” thick.

• Handle edges are contoured for comfort

• Very low angle tip, for easily sliding under thin dough.

• Working surface (covered by cloth) is 14″ X 14″.

• All Super Peels are finished with food grade cutting board oil, to beautify and protect the wood, and to help preserve quality and appearance. Periodic resealing is recommended.

Fabric Belt:

• Medium weight poly/cotton blend.

• Reversible.

• Easily attached and removed for laundering.

• May be machine washed and ironed, if needed.

Warranty – One year Manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Includes: Peel, Fabric Belt and Storage Bag

Additional Information

Weight 0.91 lbs


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