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Available in the following sizes:

13" Main Grate with 10" Top Grate for Small Grill Dome, Small Big Green Egg or any other Small round 13" Kamado Grill.

15" Main Grate with 13" Top Grate for Medium Big Green Egg or any other Medium round Kamado Grill.

18 " Main Grate with 15" Top Grate for Large Grill Dome, Large Big Green Egg, Large Kamado Joe or any round 18" Kamado grill.

21.5" Main Grate with 18" Top Grate for Weber Kettle (Call for availability).

Upper Grate can be easily raised, lowered, or removed as required.

3/16" Steel Grates and 1" Steel Shaft

A product that will last you a lifetime. This product will cook similar to cast iron and season with every cook. The more you use it the better it works. The swinging action of the upper grate allows you to safely access your food on the main grate. The adjustability option provides yet another feature to this product, should you run out of head room in your grill, just lower your upper grate to gain the space needed, or if your cooking a serious hunk of meat on your bottom grate just raise your upper grate to gain any headroom or simply remove it all together.

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