Ceramic Grillworks, widely regarded as the Internets best shopping experience. Here are some unsolicited testimonials that Ceramic Grillworks has received in recent sales.

Simply the best¬†experience found anywhere. If you are looking for the world’s best ceramic grills, visit one of their shows and you will fall in love with the taste of the meat.
-Erika Murrillo

The best Pulled Pork I have ever cooked and tasted. My guests were amazed! Thanks Ceramic Grillworks! You are the best!
-Sally Brown

I can always count on Ceramic Grillworks to deliver the¬† best ideas on cooking techniques,¬† rubs or sauces I should use to cook the perfect meal on my Grill Dome. I never worry about the food not tasting right, or stale. It’s always a home run. Thanks Ceramic Grillworks!
-Mary lee Anderson

Following up after about two months using the two-tier system. Been extremely pleased with both form and function while using on a LBGE with and without a plate setter.  The ease of raised grid cooking and no-hassle access to the main grid have exceeded my expectations. Some will chime in that the rig is a bit pricy-but not when you look at the quality and performance.  Glad I found you guys!
-Frank Stewart

Thanks Ceramic Grillworks! I had to entertain a large group of family and friends unexpectedly. I was terribly stressed. But I just cooked the food on our new Grill Dome and using our new 2 Tier Adjustable Swing Rack System, and the awesome food saved the day! Thanks!
-Andy Jones

The 2 Tier Adjustable Swing Rack System rocks!!!! Easy to use and functions just as good, everyone should have one.